Thursday, August 6, 2009

Have We Forgotten How to Wait? - Originally Mailed 7/6/2009

Genesis 25:31-34

31 And Jacob said, Sell me this day thy birthright.

32 And Esau said, Behold, I am at the point to die: and what profit shall this birthright do to me?

33 And Jacob said, Swear to me this day; and he sware unto him: and he sold his birthright unto Jacob.

34 Then Jacob gave Esau bread and pottage of lentiles; and he did eat and drink, and rose up, and went his way: thus Esau despised his birthright.

My Pastor mentioned this passage at prayer on Saturday. The point he made struck me so strongly that I am compelled to share it with you.

Have we forgotten how to wait?

Some of us can remember a time when we actually had to wait for someone to get home before we could call them. If we ran out of something on Saturday after 6 PM, we had to wait until Monday because all the stores were closed on Sunday. We could only get certain fruits and vegetables when they were in season. Some TV shows would only be on once a year. Dinner took time to prepare, even when it was just leftovers because we had to wait for the oven to heat up.

Yet, faced with these waits, we didn’t starve, we didn’t lose our minds. We were uncomfortable sometimes, sure…but we just waited.

I’m not suggesting that we lose these modern conveniences, but as children of the Most High God, we have to remember that He didn’t change. God doesn't move faster because our attention span got shorter. He was perfect before the cell phone and He’ll still be perfect when we can teleport and use jet packs. No matter what, patience will still have its perfect work and God is still God.

What is it that we are so hungry for from the world that we, like Esau, will despise our birthright for a quick fix? Why is it that we will settle for what the world has instead of waiting for God’s perfect solution? Far too many times, we don't even seek the Lord in our situations. We just fix them.

And how many times has what the world offered ended up costing so much more? Esau sold his birthright for a meal. What about us? What will will give our birthright for? Fame? Fortune? A mate? A job? An extra hour's sleep? Fitting in with peers?

Child of God, you have a birthright through Christ. When you were born again, you became part of a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a peculiar people. That’s just too much, too precious a gift to give up for a quick fix.

Wait on the Lord. No matter how matter how great the need, He WILL renew your strength.


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